Francesco Savelli

  • Since 1999 Francesco Savelli has been heading the sales and marketing department of SAVELLI S.p.A., the 172 year-old, 6th generation family company, which is a world leader in foundry machinery and equipment, based in Italy.

    Francesco Savelli is the current President of AMAFOND, the Italian association of manufacturers of machinery, plants, furnaces, products and services for the foundry industry, and a Board Member of Federmacchine, the Italian national federation of associations of manufactures of capital goods for industrial and manufacturing processes.

    Francesco was an key member of the founding committee of METEF-FOUNDEQ, the international exhibition of aluminium and innovative metal production and foundry technology, in Verona, Italy. Francesco held the title of Vice President of APINDUSTRIA Brescia, the Brescia area industrialists’ association.